If you were dreaming about Brazil and you love calm, green, interesting, educating, ELEGANT, sporting and perfect weather places, here is Brasilia for you dear tourist of the world.

An unexpected, surprisingly beautiful and especially hospitable place.

All tourist can find a hotel in Brasilia down town because was made to host all hotel levels in the same place, aside of central Park, aside of sporting structures,  surrounded by commercial centers, large variety of ‘cuisines’, and fountains for lovers to see the sunrise and sunset, from down town!. And also aside of the great events centers and close to the native handcraft market.




The contemplating spirit of this urbanism absorbs us hypnotically. Where is there in the world a city with a view for sunrise and sunset, in down town? And it’s summer all along the year?

Where is there a place in the world a city where ¾  of the surface is green area? And there are no signs saying ‘don’t walk on the grass.

Come to swim in the purest waters right where they are born.

Come to pick up crystals of quartz that nature gave to this place.

Come and tour around the National Park on jeep and enjoy wild life.

Be Most welcome