She owns a research to share with you not yet published written because she is a natural Story teller.

The UNESCO Official Delegation delivering the title of Patrimony had Maria to present the city for them.


She was entrusted to receive and present Brasilia for

Master Niemeyer’s clients in his presence and he had much fun listening to someone with no diploma in Architecture, describing his creations.


She is an awarded hostess by the Brazilian Navy for well representing the country and was also invited to give training for the Military Tourism Police of Brasilia.

Artists and Architects, political figures, construction workers, shared with her the philosophy of everything there is in Brasilia, in few words, but you will not find those stories written.


She is a long time Peruvian visitor in love with Brazil and she will share with you the recipe  for the  Brazilian charm, in an also charming manner.

She will make you “see” History alive.






He is a Brazilian Architect ,  67  years old, registered at the CREA Brasilia Federal District with number 603, and graduated with the third group of students of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, where he had as Professors the great masters of Brasilia, like Alfredo Ceschiatti – Athos Bulcão – Alcides da Rocha Miranda – Italo Campofiorito.

His professional career initiated in 1963 t NOVACAP, the enterprise responsible for the construction of Brasilia, working as a designer for the team of Oscar Niemeyer at the Department of Architecture and Urbanism, under the orders of Architect  Nauro Jorge Esteves..


Along the whole course he was under the orders of architects who constructed and inaugurated Brasilia in 21 April 1960. Became a friend and collaborator of Architect Nauro and Wilson Reis Netto, until the end.


From that same list form part João Filgueiras Lima – Lélè – Hermano Gomes Montenegro – José de Souza Reis – Lucio Estelita – Samuel uris Rawet – Adeildo Viegas and others from

Oscar Niemeyer’s team, including Cesar Barney Caldas, his friend and colleague, and like Luiz living in Brasilia until today.


After the inauguration Luiz remained during and after the course at NOVACAP, becoming one day chief of several teams of architects and engineers in the contrition of various architectonic projects around Brazil, including projects of Oscar as the building of the Ministry of Justice, Economical Planning, National theater, BRASILIA PALACE HOTEL, the Supreme Court of Justice, annex II.


Architect Luiz  appears at the registry of CREA as the only technique responsible for the buildings of Niemeyer along the Monumental Axis of Brasilia including the Indian Museum.